Stay Fit and Healthy With Old School New Body – F4x Review


boom lldAre you afraid of the term Old school? Well, do you really think that those core exercisers and spin class junkies can change their bodies better than old school new body? Think again!

Have you ever taken a good look at those people in the gym sweating to spin classes, palates or heaven forbid running and doing other types of aging, exhaustive exercises? Have a look at those men and women training with weights that are always too heavy or way too long for them. Have you ever seen any commendable body changes in the past 90 days? The answer is definitely a no. Research reveals that only a of 1% gym goers and exercisers show significant body transformation over a year, let alone 90 days.

Many people have been lied to and mislead for so long by their personal trainers, late night infomercials, and magazines. You were made to believe that for you to see commendable body transformation you have to work out longer. But that is not true. What you need is to workout shorter with a targeted method of movement program.

What is the old school new body?

steve-holmanCreated by Steve and Becky Holman, this program addresses scientific fact that when one reaches 40 years of age, the aging process increases markedly; if one fails to provide the body with proper nutrition and exercises that in requires.

Regain your youthfulness and lose weight:

Are you presently struggling to trim away unwanted fat or improve your overall health? Well, many of you tend to think that the only way to lose weight is by blowing bunches of money on lose weight supplements that ends up doing so little or nothing at all. Others think that they need to spend their precious time in a gym to melt away the unwanted weight, rewind the aging clock or build muscles. Well, if you want to get the best results in the shortest time possible, use old school new body f4x training system and take control of your overall body.

Getting a slimmer, healthier, stronger and a good look is very simple. This program only requires 90 minutes per week and so you don’t have to go to the gym every day. You will get beneficial instructions on how to gain muscle, trim weight, eat healthier, improve your sex life, or you can also get another alternative on how fitness works. Do not lose this golden opportunity!

90 min

This awesome program is divided into 3 phrases to cater for all your health and fitness needs.

Old school new body phrases:

1. F4X Workout Lean

The first phase incorporates fat burning workouts. These workouts will help you shed unwanted body fat to help you in developing lean body regardless of age. This phase is a core workout and it is designed for everybody.

2. F4X shape

In this phase, you are given a nutrition plan which helps you get rid of corpulent body. The phase is optional but you will love it because it helps you build muscles. It also provides you with toning and definition as well. You may not be happy by simply losing weight; you may want to build a beautiful and attractive body. In that case, this phase is designed for that purpose.

3. F4X build

This phase is suitable for anyone who wishes to build strong muscles. This is because it is purely designed to build strong muscles. Maybe you would want to improve your physique. This is the best for you.


Pros and Cons of old school new body:


· Effective for both men and women. Even Steve’s wife Becky used it.

· Helps you look and feel healthier

· you will see quicker weight loss results

· leads to improved sexual life

· it builds your fitness knowledge

· It has no restriction to age. Whether you are 30 or 70 you can benefit from it.

· the workouts are safe to use

· you can easily follow all the instructions


· you will have to change your diet as the author instructs

· you still need to work out regularly

· You still need to do resistance workout even when you use the program at home.

Old school new body, just like any other programs has Pros and Cons. however; it is evident that the Pros outweigh the Cons.

What it do for you:

Simply because you are getting older, it does not give you an excuse to neglect your body the fitness that it needs. This awesome program will provide you with knowledge and simple steps to follow and get your body back on track. You do not have to eat special diet and you will only work for 90 minutes a week, which means it takes less of your time. The steps that you are required to follow caters for your overall body ranging from health and happiness, fat burning, muscle building, sex to anti aging. Old school new body will surely leave you confident in your ability to go against aging process and start being proactive on your health.

Where to get old school new body:

Are you ready to get this awesome tool that takes your overall health back? Do not let your age be a hindrance to attaining a good shape. You can transform your life today. You can get this awesome aging solution from the official website.


In conclusion, you should know that this program is a well organized program that gives you complete guidelines on how to improve your outlook when approaching or already in aging years. Now that you have deeper understanding about this program, it is about time you take advantage of this rare chance. Make your body look slimmer and younger. Do not even think of those ineffective gym workouts that leave you unable to move for the next three days.

If you want to look 10 years younger and gain more confidence even when in public, you should not hesitate to use this program today to see how effective it is in helping you shape your body. Stop blaming your old body for your awful shape. Take control with the use of old school new body and you will never regret!